Why a Birth Poster

Why I chose a birth poster…

Have you ever heard of birth posters? Well, neither did I, before I ended up on the website of babydruk.be. My problem was solved immediately. Finding a unique gift for my best friend’s newborn daughter was no easy task, until I bumped into the birth pads. Now I’m in the right place for years, let those babies come.

Fully customizable birth posters

After all, I’m not the type to buy anything from the birth list. However, this does make it difficult for me. But on the website of babydruk.be I found the perfect gift. Many of my friends will receive a personalized birth poster in the future. What do I like about it? Well, not only is it a beautiful drawing or just call it a work of art, you can also put your name, date of birth and weight on it. And all this on a 1:1 scale. Birth posters are fully customizable and each time you give a unique gift that undoubtedly conquers a permanent place on the wall. Great!

Birth Poster Trio

A lot alternatives you can choose with a birth poster

You can have a realistic size of the baby printed on your birth poster, but in the future I will undoubtedly choose some other variants as well. After all, you can also order copies with numbers, letters or icons. This way I can give out a lot of unique gifts for the upcoming births. You can also play with the colours, so you can perfectly adapt your baby poster to the sex of the baby. Another nice setting and hopefully you’ve found the perfect gift. Ideal to take with you when you’re visiting your baby or at the baby shower afterwards. So you have an additional subject to talk about.

Qualitative birth posters

My first copy has been delivered and the mother was glowing. This is logical, because it is a high-quality birth poster. The size 50 x 70 cm is large, but not overpowering and can be used anywhere in the house. The print was of excellent quality and undoubtedly this poster will last for years on the wall. You can also complete the entire ordering process online at babydruk.be. The delivery of my birth poster was completely free, which is a nice bonus. Moreover, birth posters are not expensive at all, especially if you know that the poster stays on the wall for many years and is a permanent reminder of a fantastic event. Really, there are much more expensive gifts that have a lot less impact.

Birth Poster

Highly recommended

You’ll notice, I’m all sold out already. I completely embrace the new hype of birth posters and secretly hope to get one myself if I get pregnant in the future. Now let’s hope that my girlfriends read along and take the necessary steps.