The perfect Birth Gift

The Birth Poster!

Are you breaking your head about the perfect birth present? Do you want to be original and stay away from a gift from the birth list? Good, because with a unique ‚The Birth Poster‘ by baby pressure you are guaranteed to score. We have listed 5 reasons why our birth poster is the ideal gift to celebrate the birth of new life. The smile of the new parents? Affordable!

Reason 1 l More original than the birth poster they don’t make it

Each drawing that leaves the door of babydruk is unique and made to measure. That’s logical, because the birth poster is tailored to your baby’s actual height. All details such as date of birth, name, length and even time of birth can be printed on the poster. There are no two identical ones, you can be sure of that. A unique gift for a unique event.

Birth Poster Duo

Reason 2 l It stays with the mother and even the child

Why a Birth Poster is so unique? Well, because the birth poster lingers for years, often in the child’s own bedroom. Why buy clothes that are quickly too small or a practical gift, when with a birth poster you can opt for a permanent reminder of a miraculous event? You can be sure that your gift will be cherished for years and will be in the heart of the parents.

Reason 3 l Different variants possible

Tastes are different, so we have different variants of The Birth Poster. With a drawing of the baby, with a letter, a number or an icon. It’s just what you like best. Is it a multiple? No problem at all, even more babies can be placed on the poster. You can also choose a nice frame with your poster, so you can make your gift completely special. In addition, the birth poster can be hung immediately. Do it!

Reason 4 l Extremely affordable

A limited budget? Great, you have The Birth Poster in your hands for as little as 49 euros. Why shouldn’t you do it? If you have to choose between a number of anonymous pacifiers or a great poster, then your choice is easily made, no? For barely 49 euros you can give a unique gift, you won’t find it any cheaper, without going for ‚traditional‘ gifts.

Reason 5 l Easy to take along

Whether you’re visiting the hospital or the parents and baby’s home, you can easily take a birth poster with you. You can order The Birth Poster online and it will be custom made for you. This delivery is also completely free of charge. If you can’t get to the people, you can also have it delivered to their homes as a surprise.

Order now!

Why would you look any further for a unique gift? Choose a birth poster and make everyone happy! Want to know more about the possibilities or the posters? Send us a specific message or order easily online. Check definitely one of the offerings, no doubt you will find the perfect gift.