A beautiful souvenir of baby butterflies: Birth poster

October, as an international „Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month“, is a special month for all those parents who had to endure the unimaginable. Losing a child is the worst thing you can endure as a parent. It turns your world around its axis and breaks your heart into thousands of pieces that can never be glued together completely. In such a period, most parents are looking for all kinds of ways to give their child a life after all. A tangible reminder to show that the family has more members than the eye can see. A birth poster can be a beautiful reminder of your dear baby butterfly.

Plaster on your broken heart

With its calm lines and serene energy, a birth poster is the perfect symbolic element in your heart and home. It’s a bittersweet reminder that what wasn’t supposed to be there, but that has been given a place in your heart for the rest of your life. Recovering from a stillbirth or the loss of a baby is one of the most difficult things you have to go through as parents, but a birth poster can be a plaster on your broken heart.

Your butterfly baby on the wall

A birth poster as a nice reminder on the wall has the advantage that you can show without many words that your baby butterfly was and still is important to you. It was a part of you that you don’t just want to forget. Although this member of your family cannot grow with you, it can remain a fixed value. A birth poster has the power to both help the family by giving the traumatic experience a place, and to show the people around you that this baby belongs to you forever, even though it is no longer there.

Birth Poster

How to make a birth poster?

Birth posters have their own special place on our website. At the desired birth poster you can search for your favorite design, language and background color. On the tab „birth data“ you fill in the data of your baby butterfly. Add your birth poster to your shopping cart and we’ll do the rest for you.

On our website you can see that the standard under limit in length is 30 cm. However, you can always contact us for a personalized poster. We can adjust the length for you.

Grandparents can also do their bit.

While the parents of a baby butterfly are mourning, the grandparents often don’t know what they can do to help. Losing a baby is an abstract event for which there are no fixed precepts. What do you do as grandparents when your child has so much heart pain?

A birth poster can also be a nice solution for them. Although you can’t help yourself directly, donating a birth poster can be a symbol of „we’re there for you, we’ve also put our grandchild in our hearts“.

Or maybe you’d like to have a memory of the grandchild who shouldn’t be there? A grandchild is for many grandparents a special being in their lives, if your grandchild suddenly is no longer there, that is also a great sadness for many grandparents. By hanging a birth poster on the wall, the memory of your butterfly baby remains alive and you openly show support to your child and his/her partner.

A birth poster for baby butterflies

Butterfly babies have a place in your heart, but can also get a place in your house. A birth poster is a retrospective of the birth of a lifelong memory. We wish all parents of baby butterflies lots of strength.